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Study Programmes

1st level professional higher education study programme ‘Business Administration’

Who does this program prepare?

Enterpreneur / Entrepreneurship specialist with a wide range of knowledge in different scopes of establishing and managing a business. We offer in-depth knowledge in the following areas:

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What are the career opportunities after graduation?

The opportunity to work as leading specialists in different business areas as well as establish and skilfully manage a business of your own.

How is the study process organised?

The college offers to choose one of the study forms:

  • Full-time studies;
  • Part-time studies (distance learning).

Studies are carried out using a modern form of learning – an e-environment with quality teaching materials, including teaching materials elaborated by our lecturers, e-books and video lectures. Studies are going to be very convenient for both full-time and part-time students. Full-time students have a free weekend and at least one free week day, whereas distance learning program students can choose the time on the site which is best suited for them.

Grading system

The final grade of each course may consist of several components (provided by the teacher at the beginning of the course): midterm exam, course paper, laboratory works, homework assignments (assessment during semester) and final exam. A student is not allowed to take final exam without fulfilling and getting passing grades for each of the semester tasks.

Exams are taken during the session time. In case knowledge and skills demonstrated by the student comply with the requirements set for a particular assessment test, the performance may be given the Pass or Fail assessments.

Ten-point grading system is used in Latvia; the assessments ranges from (10) “with distinction” to (4) “almost satisfactory” and the Pass assessment is considered to be positive. The final assessment may be exam (graded with a mark from 10-0) or a test (graded with Pass or Fail).

What is the study duration?

  • Full-time studies duration – 2 years
  • Part-time studies duration – 2.5 years.

What is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee is 2000 EUR per year and security deposit 450 EUR.


The aim of the study programme is no ensure the acquisition of knowledge in particular economic field, that is why main attention in the study process is paid to developing professional skills.

The study programme „Business Administration” offers to acquire knowledge, skills and competences in lectures, seminars, practical activities and practice outside the college.

The study programme offers:

  • Compulsory subjects, which give the necessary theoretical basis for studies and practical skills and are necessary for the acquisition of the qualification chosen;
  • Optional courses;
  • practice according to particular tasks;
  • Developing a business plan and a term paper;
  • final examination which is the developing and defending the qualification paper.

• Applied language I (4,5 ECTS)
• Applied language I I (4,5 ECTS)
• Communication, presentation and ethics (3 ECTS)
• Record keeping (1,5 ECTS)
• Basics of Economics (4,5 ECTS)
• Planning and launching of the business (4,5 ECTS)
• Social entrepreneurship and innovations (6 ECTS)
• Organization management (3 ECTS)
• Personnel management (3 ECTS)
• Logistics (3 ECTS)
• Labour law (3 ECTS)
• Basics of commercial law (3 ECTS)
• Environment, labour and civil defence (3 ECTS)
• Basics of book keeping (3 ECTS)
• Taxes and fees (3 ECTS)
• Financial analysis and management (3 ECTS)
• Management accounting (3 ECTS)
• Information technologies (3 ECTS)
• Mathematics in economics and management (3 ECTS)
• Statistics (3 ECTS)
• Marketing (4,5 ECTS)
• Research methods (1,5 ECTS)
• Business plan (1,5 ECTS)
• Term paper (1,5 ECTS)
• Practice (24 ECTS)
• Qualification paper (12 ECTS)
Optional courses (limited choice – 7.5 ECTS)

• Financial Services of Credit Institutions (1,5 ECTS)
• Practicum of crediting(1,5 ECTS)
• Financial System (1,5 ECTS)
• Crediting and support tools for entrepreneurs and business start – ups(3 ECTS)
• Basics of Banking Accounting (1,5 ECTS)
• Activities in International Financial and Capital Markets (1,5 ECTS)
• Basics of Banking Management (1,5 ECTS)
• Payments and Settlements in international environment (3 ECTS)

• Theories of personality traits (3 ECTS)
• Psychological aspects of consumer behavior (4 ECTS)
• Conflictology (1,5 ECTS)
• Psychological aspects of group management (6 ECTS)

• Management of enterprise assets in different enterprises (3 ECTS)
• Financial Services of Credit Institution (1,5 ECTS)
• Crediting and support tools for entrepreneurs and business start – ups(3 ECTS)
• Organization of production / provision of services (4,5 ECTS)
• Innovation and risk management (3 ECTS)

• Conflictology (1,5 ECTS)
• Psychological aspects of group management (6 ECTS)
• Personnel management in the branch context (7,5 ECTS)

• Basics of Tourism (3 ECTS)
• Travel organizing (3 ECTS)
• Basics of Guide’s Work (1,5 ECTS)
• Hotel business management (3 ECTS)
• Hospitality management (4,5 ECTS)

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