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Business Administration

1st level professional higher education study programme Business Administration

Whom does this program prepare?

Commercial activities (entrepreneurship) specialist with wide range of knowledge in different scopes of establishing and managing a business. We offer in-depth knowledge of the following areas:

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What are the career opportunities after graduating?

Opportunity to work as leading specialists in different business areas, as well as establish and skillfully manage a business of your own.

How is the study process organised?

The college offers to choose one of the study forms:

  • Full-time studies;
  • Part-time studies (distance learning).

Studies are carried out using a modern form of learning – an e-environment with quality teaching materials, including teaching materials elaborated by our lecturers, e-books and video lectures. Studies are going to be very convenient, as each student can choose the time in a distance learning course on the site, and the day department students have free Saturday, Sunday and at least one working day per week.

Grading system

What is the study duration?

Full-time studies duration is 2 years, part-time studies duration is 2.5 years.

What is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee is 900 EUR per semester.