Room 208, Lomonosova street 4, Riga, LV-1003

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  • Get your diploma

    after 2 years and start your career in Europe

  • We will help You choose what You wish to do.

    It is not enough with knowledge - You should apply it. It is not enough with Your wish alone – You should take action! (J.Goethe)

  • Choose for your career most popular programme in Europe

    - business administration programme and start build your company in two years

Few words about our college

We offer students get higher education diploma in 2 years and start your career. Study process organized to prepare top businessman and company leaders. After finishing course student will be able organize all management and lead own company.

Many students after getting diploma continue studies in Latvian Universities to develop themselves. Management college has partnership with most of Latvian Universities, where will be easy to continue studies. Students can participate in Erasmus+ program (Student exchange program)

Study programs

Admission is available for these study programmes:

Study program


Study program


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